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The Poetry of Grace: Hymn Texts of Ruth Duck

My new collection, The Poetry of Grace, compiled and edited by Dan Damon, appeared in July 2015, when I had the great blessing of presenting many of the songs. (It is available from the publisher, Hope Publishing Co. (800-323-1049,  These texts come from a deep place in my heart as a reflection on the grace of God at work within us and in our world.  It can be so difficult to accept the depth and width and breadth of the love of God so freely offered in Jesus Christ.11251617_10153396936560256_3022511766209677603_n

I also celebrate the diversity of God’s people (“Sing to a God”) and lament the violence of these times (“Black Lives Matter,” “How Tragic, O God, is the Death of Our Children”).

The second part of the collection is a “Table Prayer: An Evening of Food and Fellowship,” designed for interfaith and ecumenical settings. The narration and script for ritual and prayer is by Marcia McFee, with texts by yours truly and tunes by the Mark Miller.  What a privilege to work with these two amazing colleagues!  Thanks to Dan Damon and Scott Shorney, who made it possible to share this moving service which Marcia and Mark have led in many places.  Finally those who have been asking for the script and songs to use in their own contexts will be able to receive them.

The beautiful cover is by my friend Colleen Kwong.  See her website at

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