Ruth Duck on hymns and worship


Anthems with Texts by Ruth Duck

Prices and availability may not be current; and this does not include more recent anthems.

From The Pilgrim Press, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio   44115.

Order: (800)-537-3394.

1.  Ruth Duck/Jonathan McNair, “Creator of All Time and Space.”

Unison/2 Part.  Optional C or B-flat instrument.  1.25.

2.  Ruth Duck/Verne de la Peña, “God Who Made the Stars of Heaven.”

2 Part Treble or Mixed voices (optional third part) with solo.  1.25.

From GIA Publications, Inc. 7404 South Mason Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638

See the following link for additional titles:

Order by phone: (800) 442-1358 or (708) 496-3800 during regular business hours (8:30 am – 5:00 p.m. CST, M-F).

1.  Ruth Duck/Lori True, “Gathering Song: Warm the Night of Winter.”

Cantor, Presider, Cong, Guitar, Acc, Opt. SATB, C Inst, Cello € (8-E) 1.40 Set of      Instrumental Parts G-5209-INST 6.00.

2.  Ruth Duck/Marty Haugen, “Abundant Life.”

SATB, Cong, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Woodwind in C (or Cello) € (9-E) 1.20          Instrumental Part G-4281-INST 2.00.

3.  Ruth Duck/Marty Haugen, “Now Bless the God of Israel.”

4134.  Unison or SATB, Guitar, Acc. € (5-E) 1.10.

4.  Ruth Duck/ Rob Glover, “Abundant Life.”

SATB, Solo, Cong, Guitar, Acc, Opt. E< Sax, B<Flugelhorn (or 2 C Instr.), Perc. € (11-E) 1.30 Set of Instrumental Parts G-3952-INST 9.00.

5.  Ruth Duck/ David M. Cherwien, “O Radiant Christ, Incarnate Word.”

SATB, Cong, Acc, Opt. Flute (6-E) 1.00 Instrumental Part G-3882-INST 2.00.

6.  Ruth Duck/ Randall Sensmeier, “New Families.”  SB, Descant, Acc. (6-E) 1.00.

7.  Ruth Duck/Lori True, “God of the Ages.”  Choir/Assembly/Keyboard/Guitar/ Bb trumpet, handbells.  G-6070.  $1.50.

Selah Publishing Mr. David P. Schaap, []

Selah Publishing Co., Inc.,

4143 Brownsville Rd., Suite 2

Pittsburgh, PA 15227


412-886-1022 fax

1. Ruth Duck / Alfred V. Fedak, “Psalm 42: As Pants the Deer.”

SATB and organ. Catalog no. 410-854.

From Ron Klusmeier, 345 Pym Street, Parksville, BC  V9P 2P8


Business (250) 954-1683

Ruth Duck (texts) with Ron Klusmeier (tunes and general editing).  Look to This Day: Songs of the Faith (Cascade, Wisconsin: WorshipArts, 1990).

“God of Endless Life Unfolding.”

“Abundant Life.”

“Jesus Took the Bread.”

From The Sacred Music Press, Box 802, Dayton, Ohio 45401-0802.

1.  Ruth Duck/ Dale Grotenhuis.  “To God Compose a Song of Joy.”

SATB.  $1.25.

From Logia (A Division of Concordia Publishing House), 3558 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO  63118-3968.

1.  Ruth Duck/John Roth, “Magnificat.”

Unison, Cantor (opt.), Congregation.  Oboe, Keyboard.  $.90.

From MorningStar  Music Publishers, 2117 59th St., St. Louis MO  63110-2800.

1.  Ruth Duck/ Austin Lovelace, “A Song of Praise to the Maker.”

Unison and keyboard.  $1.25.


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