Ruth Duck on hymns and worship



Welcome to my website!

It was created mainly to help people seeking information about obtaining copyright permission to reprint my hymns.  I am only the copyright proprietor of a few of my around 200 texts for congregational song; the rest are divided between five publishers.  I hope that in most cases this site will enable you to go directly to the source needed for your permission.  Go to “Copyright Information” if you are looking for this.

Another purpose of the website is to answer questions I often receive and provide resources for people who are preparing for me to come and speak or lead a workshop.  Thus, other areas of the website include suggestions for hymn writers, my biography, a list of my publications, and a list of anthems with my texts.

I have also started an area related to my book, Worship for the Whole People of God: Vital Worship for the 21st Century.  My plan has been to include teaching materials/ learning activities to complement the book.

For more of my story see and “Ruth Duck,” in This is Our Song: Women’s Hymn-Writing, ed. Janet Wootton (London: Epworth, 2010).

I thank God for the rich opportunities I have had to share what is clearly a gift, though it requires great discipline and craft.

God’s peace be with you all,

Ruth Duck

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  1. Ruth, I spent last week at Canyon Camp in OK at a 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation. Dwight Judy was one of our presenters. It was the beginning of a very transformative week for me. I began playing the harp 17 years ago, with little support, and little encouragement, and so my playing has been sketchy to not at all. Heck, let me cut to the chase! I prepared and played a version of Psalm 133 – Have ma too. Instrumental only – so I tried to find the scripture version that spoke to what I was trying to say. In the Upper Room Worship Book I found exactly what I was looking for. And after I played the piece at Night Prayer, I read the words. When I returned back to my home in Lawton, OK, my husband and I were talking about music and he loves Joyful, Joyful we adore thee. So I looked up the lyricist – and it was YOU! Your name sounded so familiar so I looked in the back of the hymnal for your name and found the list of pieces that you had a hand in. I nearly fell off my chair to discover you wrote the words that I love so much! I sing alto in our church choir, and I know we’ve done some of your music. Because I didn’t know you, it didn’t sink in. I can’t wait to peruse the choir library for your pieces.
    Thank you for such beautiful words!!!!


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